Hydraulic Powder Briquetting Machine

Voltage:220VDimension:24*35cmSize:Custom sizeThickness:Adjustable


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Product Description


Wide application:Green bean cake,polvoron,rice cake,almond cookies,peanut cake and other cakes compacting from powder materials.

Hydraulic pressure make the product even firmer

Flexible,the thickness and pressure can both adjusted as your requirements

Various shapes available:shapes such as round,square,rectangle,ellipse or other shapes you require us to make.

Customized patterns on the top,flower,character or your company logo can be carved on the cake.

High quality parts and food grade materials make the machine durable and easy to maintain.

Success Case

This is Nguyen Chinh Loc from Hai Duong,Vietnam,I have one bánh đậu xanh factory.We have been in making bánh đậu xanh by hand for more than 20 years.One visting to my friend in Guangxi ,China,I found they make green bean cake (same as our Tien Dung ) by one compacting machine,it is much faster than manual ones,products made by the machine are in same weight and thickness,much better than manually ones. I asked them where to buy and visit the manufature the next day and buy the machine immidiately.I am going to be the agent in my place since it is in great demand.

This is Ali from Najran ,Saudi Arabia ,I have one restaurant making pita and other dishes,since I have one brother have one trading company in YIWU,China,I asked him to buy one machine for me,After using the machine,I think it is really a surprise,it can make pita with different thickness and if I want different sizes,the mould chaning is also simple.I like it!

I had bought one set green bean cake making machine from fuda food machinery company, Operation system is easy. We can mark special words on our products, so that our customers could recognize our goods directly in supermarket next time. Mould is tailor made, so I can design the shape of green bean cake with special mark, it makes our products popular and best selling. Both pre sale and after sale service are very good.