FTMH150 Hydraulic Dough Twist Machine



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Product Description


High output,3 lines or 6 lines in one time,labor saving.

Automatic oil spraying system makes the fried dough twist non-sticky.

Heating system in the cylinder,the cylinder can be stayed in the required temperature.

Cutting rate is adjustable,you can get different length.

The thickness of the fried dough twist can be made as your requirements.Dough nozzle is easy to change.

We provide free recipe.

Success Case

I am Eric Lim from Malaysia,I am a Malaysian Chinese,I have been in Chinese snack making for more than 20 years.Mahua(the fried dough twist )is my main product but I have been troubled with the low capacity,After years looking for,my friend in China introduce Fuda Food Machinery to me,after visting their company and see how the machine works,I have bought one biggest model machine with continuous fryer,now they are making more than 1000kg fried dough twist every day.The machine is worth to buy.

This is Ali from Najran ,Saudi Arabia ,I have one restaurant making pita and other dishes,since I have one brother have one trading company in YIWU,China,I asked him to buy one machine for me,After using the machine,I think it is really a surprise,it can make pita with different thickness and if I want different sizes,the mould chaning is also simple.I like it!

I bought one set of Fried dough twist machine last month , for this machine is reported by CCTV , now we are using it to produce fried Mahua for restaurant, Six pieces Mahua are produced once, capacity is very good, also length and size of Mahua are adjustable, a series of action is automatic and easy to operate, except these, Fuda advise Mahua Technology for new customer , fix machine service is available when you receive it,any questiones, One phone call will solve all of them.