Shangqiu City Fuda Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Shangqiu Fuda Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one food machine manufacturer,based in Henan, produce twist machine,mung bean cake machine,egg roll machine,fryer,etc.

With years of developing,Fuda has become an enterprise with more than 50 technical staffs,5 mechanical engineers and 5 food engineers from only one in all company.It is one of the biggest companies in China and the machines made by Futong are being used in Southeast Asia,Africa,UK and USA and so on.The polvoron machine(Green bean cake machine) and Chinese fried dough twist machine(pilipit machine ) has been reported by CCTV-10(10th channel of China central Television) for 2 times in 2014 as well as the local TV and newspaper because of the innovation and revolution in food and food machine industries.At the same time,Futong has established long term relationship with a numbers of local universities to get more ideas from the young and the professors.
Anyway,High ablity on R&D makes your business easier than ever!

Welcome reporters from CCTV(China Central Televison)

Knowing that the invention and developments on the traditional food making machine field of Fuda Food Machinery,the 《I Love Invention》program of CCTV come to Fuda Food Machinery Company for recording of the amazing machines and how they change the food making industries by technology.

Reporters are filming the fully automatic polvoron machine

The fully automatic polvoron machine are controlled by Micro computer system,it is automatic in raw material feeding,moulding and demoulding,the procedures are consistent and fast,labor saving and time saving machine

Picture with another reporter team from CCTV The fried dough twist machine(Philippines pilipit machine) is another key product of Fuda Company,after gained a lot of certifications on improving the traditional snack producing,CCTV came again for reporting the pilipit machines and record how the great improvements are made after thousand times of trials.

The mayor of Shangqiu City visit Fuda Food Machinery because of its achievement on the local industry development

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Mung bean cake machine-related patents

Dough twist machine related patents

CE and other renowned international certification

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The products are sold in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions
Exported to many countries, USA, Canada, Denmark, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, etc.

We have our own factory.

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