Chin Chin Cutter



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Product Description


It is one multipurpose dough cutter,mainly used to Chinese rice sticks,Indian Namka pare,shakar paray,Nigeria Chin Chin and other dough snacks.


Various shapes and forms are available,cube,strip,rectangle are all OK with this machine.

Product thickness is adjustable.You can get different products through the easy adjustment.

Easy operation and high output.

Success Case

This is Remi from Nigeria,My wife have one bakery in Lagos State,Nigeria.I look for the chin chin machine supplier all over the world and got many contacts of Chin chin machine supplier,after comparing,I choose FUDA and fly to China to see the factory,they have experienced enginners and taught me how to operate then I bought it.The machine is really good in cutting different shapes chin chin.

I bought one set of Chin Chin Cutter in Oct,2012 and satisfied with its performance. It is a multifunctional machine, we can use it to produce india namka pare,shaker paray, Nigeria chin chin and other dough snacks.Easy operation and high efficiency.

This is Nick from Nigeria,I am running one small bakery in the UK,Since salary is very high here,so the first day I open the bakery I want to buy one machine,after watching the chin chin cutter video on YouTube,I contact the supplier,they are very professional,they know what I really care on the machine:small size,high capacity,Stainless steel finish,easy to operate.And at last,after dozen days chatting ,I pay them deposit,they finish the production very soon.Since it is my first time on international trade,they guide me always,and at last I get the machine,now they are working and making profit for me.