Handmade omelet


 After year after year of development, egg rolls have grown from scratch, from single to many. Many families made egg rolls in previous generations, which can be said to inherit their skills. How many egg rolls can be made by hand in that hour? This mainly depends on personal technical proficiency and the permission of hard conditions. Some have been making omelets for a lifetime. You can't keep up with that speed in just a year or two. Now many people choose the omelet machine. It does not need ultra-high technology and is simple to operate!


Our egg roll machine covers a small area and can be operated by one person. It has the advantages of less investment, quick effect, simple and easy to learn. The products produced are golden, fresh and suitable for all ages. It is an ideal equipment for entrepreneurship and mass production. In order to reassure customers about purchasing, our company specially launched: the way to let the omelet speak. As long as customers come to the factory, we have raw materials for on-site test and make egg rolls for customers to taste. Customers can also do it themselves.

Egg roll machine

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