The products processed by the pressing machine have moderate hardness and are not fragile


  In the continuous progress of technology, the development of food machinery is very rapid. Not only is the performance of the original equipment more stable, but also a series of new equipment has been launched under the promotion of new technologies, providing assistance for more food processing. The briquetting machine is a newly launched briquetting and forming equipment, which has a wide range of applications and can be used for various product briquetting and forming processes, with very outstanding results.

  The briquetting machine can automatically complete the processes of feeding, pressing, printing, and discharging during the briquetting process. The entire production process can be automatically controlled, with a very high degree of automation, greatly saving labor, time, and effort. The pressure and compaction degree of the briquetting machine can be adjusted, and users can adjust the compaction degree according to different processed products. This way, the processed products are moderately soft and hard, not fragile, and have good molding effect, clear patterns, good quality, and better taste. The mold of this equipment can be replaced, and users can choose different molds when processing different products. The size, shape, and pattern of the mold can be customized according to user needs, making the processed products more diverse and suitable for different users.

  The pressing machine launched by Futong can be used for pressing and forming various products, and the processed products have good forming effects, good quality, moderate softness and hardness, and more diverse product sizes, shapes, and patterns, making them highly popular in the market. In addition, Futong has also launched many other devices with high automation, good quality, and reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and purchases.