New bean bar machine


Douba machine is a kind of equipment launched in the continuous development of food machinery. It can be used for the production and processing of all kinds of Douba. It is a common equipment for Douba processing. With the continuous progress of technology, many equipment are constantly updated. Driven by new technology, a series of new equipment have been launched to help more food production and processing. The new bean bar machine is a kind of equipment promoted by new technology. How does the equipment perform in bean bar processing? How about the quality of processed bean paste?

New bean bar machine

As a newly launched equipment, the performance of the new Douba machine is relatively stable, which is very prominent in the processing of Douba. In the production and processing of Douba, it can automatically inject paste, automatically form and automatically demould. The whole production process can be completed automatically, with a very high degree of automation. The whole production process is simple and convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. The bean paste machine automatically injects paste without dropping paste, and the paste injection amount can be adjusted. In this way, the thickness of the processed bean paste is more uniform, and the oil temperature of the equipment is controllable in the frying and forming processing of bean paste, and the frying can be automatically filtered and separated. In this way, the processed bean paste has more uniform color, better quality and taste, clean and hygienic, which is welcomed by everyone.

Douba machine

The new Douba machine launched by Futong can be used for the production and processing of all kinds of Douba, which is outstanding in the production and processing of Douba. The Douba processed by this equipment has good quality, good taste, thin and thick Douba, more uniform color, clean and hygienic, and is loved by everyone. In addition, Futong has also launched many other equipment with high degree of automation, good quality and reasonable price. Welcome to inquire and buy.