How much is the omelet machine?


Where is the omelet machine sold? How much is the omelet machine? These two questions are more frequently asked by customers. Today, I'd like to introduce Fuda Food Machinery Co., Ltd. which mainly produces automatic egg roll machine, mung bean cake machine, mixing machine and Longxu crisp wire drawing machine; Sesame strip machine, fryer, twist machine, bean cake machine, French cake machine, etc.

Fuda egg roll machine equipment:
Egg roll machine
The egg roll machine has a high degree of automation, automatic feeding, automatic capping and automatic mold lifting. It can automatically complete quantitative feeding, frying and baking, etc. It can complete automatic springboard and other processes, with a production capacity of 30-45 kg per hour. The products produced completely maintain the quality of pure manual technology, with crisp taste, neat and beautiful appearance, uniform color, time-saving packaging and high production efficiency. The machine is designed and manufactured with high efficiency and power saving as the main center. The size and pattern of the heating plate can be customized, and the demoulding molding is good.
Fuda egg roll machine features:
1. Automatic grouting, regardless of thin or thick paste, will not drip on the workbench during grouting, so as to keep the workbench clean and hygienic.
2. Non stick heating plate. Before use, do not brush oil, direct grouting, and will not stick to the plate. There is no need to clean up after use.
3. Heat evenly and the color is the same. There will be no egg roll, some raw and some cooked. The heating plate adopts lattice shape, and the heating is uniform.
4. The size and weight of the egg roll are controllable. It is controlled by adjusting the grouting amount. The thickness of the egg roll is adjustable, and the weight of each egg roll is the same.
5. The speed is adjustable. The egg roll machine can automatically adjust the production speed of the egg roll according to the proficiency of the personnel.
6. The temperature of each heating plate is controllable. The temperature of each heating plate can be controlled individually. The adjustable temperature range is 0-200 degrees. Generally, the temperature of egg rolls is about 165 degrees. However, the formula of each customer is different, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the formula.

Omelet maker and price:
Egg roll machine manufacturer: Shangqiu Fuda Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Liangyuan Industrial Park, Shangqiu City, Henan Province. The company is committed to the production and R & D of food machinery. The company has its own R & D team and an after-sales team to provide after-sales guarantee for customers.
Price of egg roll machine: supplement the table below, or call our official phone, we will recommend the appropriate model according to your needs, and then we can give you a quotation.