A high-yield pet food briquetting machine that can be operated by one person


  This equipment is a fully automatic device with stable performance and wide application. It can be used for the forming and processing of various powder products, and the effect is very good. The operation of this briquetting machine is simple, convenient to use, and the processed products are well formed. The size, shape, and pattern can be customized to a wider range of applications.

  Some customers choose a fully automatic briquetting machine mainly used for the briquetting and processing of pet food. This equipment can automatically complete feeding, shaping, printing, demolding, discharging and other tasks in the processing of pet food. The entire production process is relatively convenient and fast, and the equipment can be controlled manually through an intelligent display screen. The pressure and compaction degree of this briquetting machine can be adjusted, and larger pressure, mold size, shape, etc. can also be customized according to the process The pattern can be customized to achieve diversified production of products, suitable for different users. The user wants a heart shaped finished product, and we have customized a heart shaped mold for them. The user is very satisfied with the trial results.

  The fully automatic briquetting machine launched by Futong can achieve automated production of products, processing different specifications of products, and more diverse products, suitable for different users. The use and operation of the device is simple and convenient, and it is a very time-saving and labor-saving device, which is highly welcomed by everyone. In addition, Futong has also launched many other devices with good quality and reasonable prices. Welcome to inquire.