Roti machine


Client Iraj Mahdavi From Scaranton, PA, USA

10th,Jul,2016, I posted a buying request” This is Iraj from United States and I would like to customize "Compact Line for Arabic Pita Bread - Bakery machines" with the following specifications:
Usage: Bread” on, One day later , I received reply from Fuda company for pita bread production line FTFBCX400, got details at same time, most information is detailed and I watched working video on, I think I need to know more about machine ftfbcx400, so I contact sales man by Skype for more information,such as capacity, speed, material, also price and warranty, to tell the truth, price is little higher than other manufacturers, but warranty and after sale service is better than other manufacturers, At last, sales man decide to advise one piece mould for free, and I paid for two another moulds, at last, I got four moulds. Now we are using this production line for pita bread , It is easy to operate and everything is in place
till now .