Continuous Fryer



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Product Description


This machine is automatic in feeding, discharging, cleaning.

Automatic mixing is combined with conveyor system, the products can be equally fried.

Automatic cleaning system has solved the difficulties in the cleaning of the dregs completely.

It is high efficiency and saves energy but high output and saving labors, reduce the cost of the producer.

Fuel could be electricity, diesel and gas.

Success Case

This is Sandeep Kumar from India,I know Fuda in Bakery Fair in Shanghai,2015.When I seee theri booth,their TV was showing one operation of fully automatic fryer,that is exactly what I want,after chating with Lynn for more than 2 weeks,I bought one set for Chicken frying,it has been well working for one year now.It is really nice machine!

I know Mr.Zhou during his visting in the Philippines,my friend introduced him to me since he has the machines I need,such as Polvoron machine and Pilipit machine.He visited my office and we really had nice talking.I bought the pilipit machine and fryer soon since I trust him and my friend.Their machine are really nice.

I am running a trade company in Moka, My suppliers are from all the world , and often buy food machinery on, from one quotation, We knew Fuda food machinery in Henan,CN.Our client wanted to buy one special giant deep fryer for his factory , so I posted an buying reeuest on, three days later, only 4 supplier quoted for my inquiry, so I contact all of them, at last my client decided to buy it from Fuda food machinery company, for their products has single structure and easy operating system , of course ,price is cheaper than other suppliers.One year has past now, My client told me there is another buying request. Best supplier could help me with more customers.